Established 1996

Channel Letters

Channel Letters are custom made individual metal or plastic letters. Usually illuminated they can be mounted directly to a wall or mounted on a raceway.

Standard Channel Letters are constructed with aluminum sides or “returns” and have colored Plexiglas faces. A trim cap border surrounds the edge of the letter face allowing it to be fastened to the return. Neon tubing or LED modules are used to illuminate the letters.

Reverse Channel Letters are also known as “Halo-lit” signs. Letters are made with metal faces creating a silhouette of the letters against the building. During the day the dimensional letters can easily be seen and by night the signage has a unique effect. These letters are ideal for strip malls and large buildings.

Formed Channel Letters create a unique one-of-a-kind design using standard letter styles or your specific artwork and font. These designs establish branding for Corporate Projects, Professional Office Buildings, Banks, Retirement Communities and Re-Imaging