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Electronic LED Digital Display Centers

Sign Medix, Inc. introduces an all new electronic LED message center, the N2 System Display by Cirrus LED Systems. The N2 System’s modular LED display will revolutionize outdoor message centers.

The N2 is controlled by the LED Cloud, a browser-based platform that allows you to monitor, create, schedule and manage your LED display from any internet-connected device. It is the perfect most cost efficient solution to maximizing your location, while controlling your advertising to suit your marketing needs.

The N2 Cirrus display can be programmed and controlled from your Mac or PC, tablet or smart phone. Imagine the ability to edit on the go from any location, design new slides or reschedule previous ones, and even manage multiple displays from off site. The LED Cloud gives you convenience and flexibility on a whole new level.

Our Cirrus N2 System is the perfect advertising solution for schools, police, fire and emergency alert agencies, banks, retail shopping centers, groceries stores, cafes, restaurants, churches as well as community offices.

This revolutionary system will give your business a dynamic edge in delivering powerful communication. It is intelligently designed for ease of use, enhances communication capabilities by allowing you to upload from 17 trillion Google images, display live time and temperature, coordinate public safety alerts as well as up to date severe weather alerts. The N2 Cirrus system comes with a 5-year warranty and free unlimited software upgrades.

The N2’s construction and design allow it to operate at cool temperatures without the need for fans or other moving parts. This allows the unit to be completely sealed and waterproof, which greatly reduces the unit’s exposure to dust and debris that will extend the life of your display. Another benefit of this efficient design is that your display will use less electricity to operate than comparable units, saving on your energy costs over the life of your display. This makes the N2 System Display by Cirrus LED Systems a truly GREEN option.

Whether you are looking to increase your bottom line by vividly displaying your products or services or alert your community to upcoming events, Sign Medix, Inc. has your solution. Our specially trained and professional team will provide design services that customize your display center to meet your budget and township approvals. We will be with you every step of the way helping to provide you with unparalleled advertising capabilities.

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