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Lighted LED

LED (light-emitting diode) Lighting Systems are transforming the world of illumination. LED systems replace older technology such as fluorescent lamps and neon tube applications with brighter energy saving light.
With the combination of ultra high brightness and energy conservation, LED is the most efficient sign lighting system available today.

LED’s are robust and highly resistant to damage from shock and vibration unlike the filaments in fluorescent lamps. Due to the solid-state nature of LEDs, there are no filaments to break, no moving parts to fail and no glass components of any kind. LEDs do not contain mercury and are available in a variety of colors.

Because LEDs function at a lower voltage, they are also considered safer, and in cold weather, they illuminate with a more consistent brightness than outdoor neon lights that may falter due to low temperatures.

Sign Medix, Inc. Electric Sign Specialists retrofit your Neon Channel Letters with LED lighting. Do away with unsightly burnouts and expensive repairs.

Neon lighting systems are inefficient, and are costing you big money every month. Let us evaluate your current lighting system to save you some ‘Green’ with a new high efficiency lighting system. Replacing existing inefficient lighting with qualified energy saving lighting products will reduce your electric bill and you may receive a rebate check from one of the many Energy Efficiency Programs that are currently available.

The benefits of using LED’s include up to 90% energy cost savings, a long life of up to 100,000 hours, minimized maintenance and costs, low-voltage operation and are excellent for cold weather performance.

Let Sign Medix, Inc.. promote your business image in a newer, more efficient form of light by going ‘Green.’