Established 1996


Pylon Signs, also known as “pole signs” are freestanding signs with a visible support structure. This support structure may be enclosed with a “pole cover” to enhance the look of the sign.

Pylons provide the greatest visual impact for an audience in a large vicinity of the structure. From retail shopping center free standing signs to large freeway superstructures, Sign Medix, Inc. can give your business the visibility it needs to reach your customers.

In addition to Pylons being an excellent way give your business great visibility, they are ideal for multi-tenant locations like strip malls, shopping centers and office complexes.

Our pylon signs are UL Listed. Pylon signs can be used with LED, Cabinets & Cases, etc. Sign Medix, Inc. can design and install your pylon sign system to your specifications, giving you the long term sign solution you need.