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I know how important feedback is to any business, and I think to local business it is even more important.

I was already impressed when the original glass etching company referred me to you directly. They forfeited business knowing you could and would better serve my needs. The correspondence of the design of the door, measurements of the door and the timeline were seamless. The quote was spot on and it did not stop there. On a Monday, measurements were taken. I was told I would be contacted within the next couple weeks. I was perfectly happy with that. As I was setting up for my new office open house which was starting in 30 mins that same week (now Friday) I heard someone in the office for me. It was my sign! I could not believe how fast it was and when I found out it could be installed within 15 mins I was ecstatic. The sign is so professional, clean and really brings an amazing vibe to the opening to my office. I have already passed your information on to other business owners and I am confident they will be contacting you. I love when I am happy to write out a business check to a company for their hard work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sign Medix worked with our schedule and made sure the work was done quickly, professionally and courteously. We were under a time crunch.

Sign Medix stepped in to design, fabricate and install our signage quickly and without issues.

We highly recommend Sign Medix.  Sign Medix proved to us that they care about us and performed such fantastic work, we would not look anywhere else.

Working with both Paint Medix and Sign Medix on our Marquee replacement was such a painless experience. It was so easy to have a one-stop shop that could handle the whole project from start to finish.

There was never a problem only a solution to making the conversion of a 60 year old marquee and bringing it into the future. They have the personnel and resources at hand to tackle anything that would come up along the way. I never felt like it was a burden going into work while this project was being done. It was a real pleasure to come in and see what progress had been made. They informed me every step of the way what they were doing and what the next steps would be to complete the project.

This group of people was the most professional group I have worked with. They were professional in working with the public since we needed to block off the walkway during the painting of the old Marquee. They treated every employee at the theatre with total respect every day all the time. The workmanship was hands down top shelf. Our finished product is something we can be very proud of and using Paint Medix and Sign Medix made that happen. Without them I don’t feel we would have gotten as good a product. This is one of the best companies I have worked with in the past 25 years. Everyone there takes pride in their jobs and it shows in the finished project.

When we opened our first store, we had priced our outdoor signage from 4 different companies. Sign Medix was not only the most competitive pricing but they were also the only company willing to hand make our unique font style. The others all used computer driven machines that were incapable of human intervention … they just didn’t have that human touch.

The other companies all did computer generated drafts of the sign but Sign Medix art department communicated with us numerous times with renderings and suggestions on color, backlighting and shapes that would make our sign stand out. And in each strip center where we have a store, our signs really POP!

Because they were able to hand form our unique font style into the exact LED outdoor sign we wanted, we were thrilled. And watching the sign being made at various steps in the process gave us an appreciation of the word “craftsmanship”, seeming lost in much of today’s manufacturing. Many today only seem to know how to push buttons.

Be sure to compare carefully what materials are being used and what long term costs might be associated with continued operation and maintenance. And always check references.

Also, if there is an issue of any sort, most of the other companies are not in the local area and, if needed, may not be able to service your sign as quickly as you’d like, not to mention that most charge travel time to get to your location before they even take a look.

We now have three stores and Sign Medix has done all of our outdoor signs for them. None have required any servicing of any sort, including the first one done in 2006 with LED’s still burning quite brightly. We think that speaks highly of Sign Medix quality construction and craftsmanship.

It has been a pleasure working with Sign Medix, Inc. on recent projects. Their pricing is very competitive and they excel in all aspects of the signage process including: creativity; municipality coordination; timely scheduling of work; communication; installation and quality of workmanship.

I have worked with Sign Medix, Inc. on numerous projects throughout central PA. Phil and his staff have always been professional and courteous. Their level of service is impeccable. Sign Medix, Inc. is a great company to work with!

Phil , I wanted to let you know our new building sign looks great! It has been a pleasure to work with you and your staff on this project. Your quote was very competitive and the service was timely. I also wanted to let you know the installers were great too! They worked hard and it was obvious they took pride in their workmanship. Troy, Michael and Lance were professional, accommodating and paid attention to detail. Please express my sincere appreciation to them for their hard work and dedication to this project. Thanks again!